Axles available in a variety of widths

You can choose from a variety of axle widths. The standard axle fits into the BSA bottom bracket (68mm wide) with a diameter of 33.6-34mm, which is considered the standard size in the bike industry. This type of axle is designed for bottom brackets of a width of up to 72mm. A variety of axle widths for wider bottom brackets is available at an extra charge (see table below). Larger inside diameters can be adjusted by using appropriate adapter rings.

Axles available in a variety of widths


Designed for bottom bracket
widths of / up to mm:

Axle length:

straight crank:

offset crank:

Chain line (mm):
s-d s-d08 m-d hs-d
50-54mm 120mm 147mm 177mm 32-42 36-44 32-42 35-41
68-72mm 138mm 165mm 195mm 40-50 45-53 41-51 44-50
73-82mm 148mm 170mm 200mm 42-52 47-55 43-53 46-52
100-104mm 170mm 197mm 227mm 56-66 61-69 57-67 60-66
117-121mm 187mm 214mm 244mm 66-75 69-77 65-75 68-74


s-d = speed drive

s-d08 = speed drive 08

m-d = mountain drive

hs-d = high speed drive