reha drive

The rehab drive reduces into very low gears and helps you master the most extreme hurdles in life without struggle. Rehab drive grants driving comfort by installing it in rehab bikes, hand bikes or trikes. Being derived from the ingenious, unique idea of the mountain drive, rehab drive provides solutions where others fail. A situational, easier gear makes a mobile life even in aggravated situations possible. Rehab drive is also available as a Brompton Version.



The rehab drive is similar to the mountain drive in function and build; that means you can use the mountain drive accessories with the rehab drive. The difference lies in the situational, easier gear that makes you stay mobile even though you have a handicap.


Rehab drive – BCD 110 and BCD 130

Development: 250%

Gears: 1:1 and 2.5:1 reduction gear ratio

Bottom bracket:

BSA (standard): 68-72mm width (broader axes on premise)

Bottom bracket:

- Chain wheel star with BCD 110mm

- Chain wheel star with BCD 130mm

Crank acceptance: square JIS (Japanese Industry Standard)

Colour: black

Torsional acceptance:

cone rings with 45 degree angle and equivalent slotted nuts

Torsional support:

Option instead of the cone rings (no bottom bracket milling; will be fixed at the chain stay)


The Gear drive/ box will be delivered fully assembled with the chain wheel and crank of your choice



Chain wheels BCD 110mm - Aluminium

Acceptance: 5 hole, BCD 110mm

Tooth number: 42T, 44T, 46T, 48T, 50T, 52T, 53T

Material: Aluminium 7075/T6

Colour: silver


Chain wheels BCD 110mm - Steel


5 hole, BCD 110mm

Tooth number:

34T, 36T, 38T, 40T

Material: Steel

Colour: black


Chain wheels BCD 130mm - Aluminium


Acceptance: 5 hole, BCD 130mm

Tooth number: 38T, 40T, 42T, 44T, 46T, 48T, 50T, 52T, 54T, 56T, 60T, 65T, 70T, 75T

Material: Aluminium 7075

Colour: silver