I.14. Dismount a Schlumpf drive

To dismount a drive, proceed as follows:
- Dismount crankarm (-> I.13.)
- Please note, that the grooved black nut on the left side has a left hand thread for mountain-drive and a right hand thread for speed- and high-speed-drive.
- Please use the original box wrench of the tool set "installation and maintenance". The drive is tightened with 140Nm, quite a high torque. If you don't have the appropriate tool, it can be very hard to unscrew the nut!
- There are a few exceptions of the general rule "right-hand thread" - "left-hand-thread": if a drive is installed on the left side and turns vice versa to its original rotational direction, the left hand / right hand rule is inverse! mountain-drive has a right hand, speed- and high-speed-drive have left hand threads!

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