I.13. Dismount a crankarm

- Hold the gear shift button with the small wrench and losen the set screw in the button (1.5 mm Allen wrench).
- Unscrew gear shift button.
- Take a common 14 mm box wrench and losen the axle bolt. Check, if the washer of the axle bolt has been removed also.
- Before using the crankarm puller, set the small tube from the tool set on top of the axle to protect the thin shifting shaft! If you forget this, the shifting shaft may brake or being bent.
- Check, that the puller is screwed-in completely to prevent the thread of the crankarm to be pulled out!

- Remark on crankarms. If using your own crankarm, please check, that the depth of the hole for the axle bolt is at least 8 mm

- Please also check overall thickness of the right crank. It shouldn't be thicker than 25 mm. If it is wider, the crankarm can touch the gear housing and block it.

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