F.1.9. My bottom bracket shell has a width of 73 mm (American standard). Which drive fits?

For a correct installation the 10 mm longer axle is the best solution. Combine it with a +2 mm cone ring on the right side and a +4mm cone ring on the left side. The chainline increases by 2 mm, which can be corrected by using 2 mm-washers between spider and chainring.

The material of the cone ring is important on the rigth side only, where the reaction torque has to be held. On the left side, we deliver an aluminum cone ring with smooth surfaces together with a 90° grooved nut.

An alternative is to take the standard version and to use a +6.5 mm grooved nut on the left side. Please check, if the left crankarm doesn't interferes with the rear chainstay, because the unit is slightly our of center (by using the +6.5 mm spacer).
Off-set crankarms may help.

When ordering, please always indicate such special set-ups. This allows us to recommend the best solution!



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