F.1.1. What should I know before ordering a Schlumpf gearing system?

- What are the dimensions of the bottom bracket shell (see also F.1.2.)?

- Which is the shape of the rear chainstay? Does it allow to mount the housing of the Schlumpf drive directly to the right side of the bottom bracket shell or does it require wider cone rings? The housing has an outer diameter of 94mm. The photo on the right shows a set-up (Moulton folding bike), where a protruding screw makes installation impossible at the right end of the b.b. shell. You need a wider cone ring to act as a spacer.

- Can I mount the chainring of my choice where it should be mounted? Means straigth chainline and no interference with the rear chainstay (especially to be considered in combination with mountain bikes. (-> A5.2)

- Is there a fully closed chaincase, which could it make difficult to mount the torque lever of a mountain-drive?

- Is a chainguard held by means of a bracket, which is clamped between bottom bracket shell and gear housing? This is not possible in combination with cone rings (a torque can't be transmitted through such a bracket due to lack of friction).

When ordering, please always inform about the type of bike, where you want to install the Schlumpf drive.




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