D.3.2. high-speed-drive flange for 30- and 34t.-chainring or adapter for BCD130 chainrings

Instead of the standard chainring with 27 t. (held by 6 Torx screws) an externally toothed flange can be delivered, that allows to mount either a 30 t. or a 34 t. chainring or an adapter with 5 holes and BCD130mm for chainrings with 38 t. or bigger.

30 and 34 t. chainrings are made of hardened steel, nevertheless very lightweight.

For both sizes trouser guards are available (for right side only).

These chainrings are hold by a circlip (snapring).

If 34 t. (=85 in high gear mode!) shouldn't be big enough, please feel free to order an adapter for BCD130 and mount a 38 t. chainring or bigger. 38 t. equals 95 t. in high gear mode!


- high-speed-drive with externally toothed flange


- high-speed-drive with 34t. chainring, hold by two circlips

- high-speed-drive with 34t. chainring and trouser guard, hold by one circlip



- Adapter for bolt circle diameter 130 mm (chainrings with 38t. or bigger)



- Detailscreen of the adapter BCD130



- high-speed-drive with 44 t. chainring (=110t. in high gear mode) and trouser guard. Ideal for fast E-bikes and very high speeds!


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