D.2.2. speed-drive - type "08" for small chainrings, starting with 27 t.

The second version is the model "08".
The following chainrings are available: 27, 28, 30, 32, 34.
All these chainrings are made by Schlumpf. They are made of corrosion resistant steel and heat treated. Thickness is 2 mm.

For all these chainrings, lightweight aluminum trouser guards are available. They can be mounted on the outer side of the chainring. No double sided trouser guard possible on the type "08".

Photo at the top: speed-drive type 08 with 27 t. chainring. No trouser guard. The chainring is hold by a snap ring.

Photo at center: speed-drive type 08 with 40 t. chainring and trouser guard.

Photo at the bottom: Comparison of chainring with BCD110 (on left side) with Type 08 (on right side).



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