C.3.2 Combination speed-drive and internal hub

speed-drive is ideal for the combination with internal hubs, that offer a wide range such as 7-, 8-, 9- or 11-speed hubs.

It can even be combined with a Rohloff hub without restrictions.

If using the type "BCD110", you can mount the chainring either at the left or right side of the spider, while the type "08" has one position of the chainring only.

A correct chainline is less sensitive as on a mountain-drive, as chainring diameter is smaller and therefore the tangential travel, where the chain "enters" the chainring, is shorter.

There are solutions, if position of the chainring doesn't match the chainline at all:
- mount the chainring on the left or right side of the spider (type "BCD110" only)
- use washers to give additional clearance between spider and chainring (type "BCD110" only)
- use wider cone rings
- use the +10 mm version in combination with cone rings on the left and right side

speed-drive chainrings have a thickness of 2 mm. Please check, if your chain allows this thickness (inner distance between chain links should be at least 2.2 mm).

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