C.2.1. Combination mountain-drive and derailleur

If combining a derailleur with mountain-drive, please check the chainline carefully. Chainring should be positioned at the same distance from the centerline of frame as the medium cog of the derailleur cog set.

There are solutions, if position of the chainring doesn't match the chainline:
- mount the chainring on the left or right side of the spider
- use washers to give 2mm additional clearance
- use wider cone rings
- use the +10 mm version

Big chainrings in combination with 9- or 10-speed derailleurs can cause problems, if the chain derailment is not symmetrically.

mountain-drive chainrings at their circumference have a thickness of 2 mm. Please check, if your chain allows this thickness (inner distance between chain links should be at least 2.3 mm).

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