A bike which turns time

Haberstock mobility is a premium manufacturer of high quality components for ebikes and all other types of bike. The company was founded in 2010.

Their aim is the development of innovative mobility concepts for an urban lifestyle, sport and good wellbeing/ health. The innovative schlumpf drive just as the advanced belt drive are both produced, further developed and sold by Haberstock Mobility. Through many years of experience ideal solutions have been found for every request.

The company acts on a specialised technological network. With the combination of innovative components and intelligent concepts highly developed manufacturing techniques have been born



Mobility is more important now more so than ever. Traffic is the problematic area in environment protection. Increasing spirit prices (fuel costs~) are motivating us to change our habits. Statistics prove that 75% of all journeys are less than 7km, bikes or electronic bikes are an ideal alternative for short distances as an option to public transport.

There are endless advantages to support this, no parking problems, no emissions, they are energy efficient, comfortable and money saving, healthy and they keep you fit and these are just to name a few. We support this with our innovative products that make our bikes safer, more comfortable and more efficient.